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Unexpected events

Be prepared for anything life throws your way

Life does not always go according to plan. Unexpected changes can affect your financial and emotional wellbeing. Events like a death in the family, divorce, or an injury can lead to lost earnings and extra costs that add up quickly. The bright side is that RCU can help you be better prepared for life’s unexpected events.



In addition to dealing with grief, you may need to manage finances after a death in the family. You may feel alone, but RCU is here to help you get through this difficult time. 



Managing finances after a divorce can get complicated. You will likely need to open new accounts, change beneficiaries, overhaul your budget, and review your insurance and estate plans. Let RCU point out some financial concerns you should be aware of. 



Unemployment is one of life’s sad realities. Stabilizing your finances is an important step in moving on and exploring new opportunities. Stay positive and avoid debt as you plan your next steps. 


Personal injuries 

Whether it happens on the job or not, getting injured can impact your ability to work and earn an income. You can apply for government benefits and income supports until you can get back on your feet. 


Low income – just getting by 

There are many federal and provincial programs designed to help low-income families. Times are unpredictable, but RCU can help assess your current financial needs and move forward. 


Long-term disability 

There are things you can do in advance to minimize the financial setbacks if you are unable to work. Let us point you toward the people most able to help. 


Need more advice?


Our loan calculator will crunch the numbers to help you estimate your payments and how quickly you can be debt free. 

Estate Planning

Help ensure that after death, your wishes are honoured and that your financial affairs are resolved quickly. 


It is never too early or too late to start planning for your retirement. Take a closer look at our retirement savings and income options.