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We are here to power your education

Whether at a trade school, college or university, continuing your education may be important to you. Let us help you with your options, from setting up a savings strategy to applying for an RCU student line of credit.

​​​​What type of help do you need?


Developing a savings program

Post-secondary education, whether at a trade school, college or university is expensive. RCU can help by showing you the benefits of starting a savings program early. 


RCU student line of credit

You are starting school, but you need a little extra money to get you through. RCU offers excellent rates on the financing that suits your needs best. 


Purchasing a rental property

Buying a property may be the cheapest way to live while you attend a post-secondary institution. With RCU's help, roommates could be paying your mortgage while you accumulate the equity. Now that's smart.


Benefits for students

At RCU, we're here to help you find the financial solutions you need while attending school. Fewer service charges for students can ease the stress of financial worries and let you concentrate on your next exam. Anyone under 25 years of age has access to a no POS fee account.


​Enjoy the advantages of an RCU Student Line of Credit

  • Full-time or part-time undergraduate students studying at a fully accredited Canadian university or community college can borrow $15,000 a year to a total of $60,000 over the course of the program.

  • A competitive interest rate and an interest only payment is required once a year.

  • ​Must be guaranteed by parents, guardians, or grandparents. 

  • 6 month grace period after graduation and then repayment begins (maximum 15 year payback period).

Do you know about the RCU Scholarship Program?

RCU Credit Union is happy to offer Student Scholarships for our student members. It is our sincere hope that this financial assistance will help students reach their goals through post-secondary education. Don't miss your chance to apply! 


Would you like to know more?


Borrowing has never been easier with our competitive rates. RCU will work with you to get you the best rate. 


Our loan calculator will crunch the numbers to help you estimate your payments and how quickly you can be debt free. 


Meet with one of our Lending Specialists. They'll be happy to guide you through every step of the borrowing process.