​​Governance and Leadership

Stay informed as a member, share your voice and be a part of something bigger by participating in our Annual General Meeting (AGM). Your involvement is important to the success and well-being of our credit union. Do not forget that as a member, you have a say in how RCU is run. 

The RCU Credit Union Board of Directors is made up of 8 experienced directors. These Board Members are elected by members and help ensure that we stay on course for continued success. 

RCU Board of Directors

​George Valaitis


​Julija Adamonis

Vice Chair

​Arunas Pabedinskas


​Algis Maciulis

Audit Committee Chair

​Grazina Ignaitis

Audit Committee Chair

​Daniel Sarunas



RCU Board Member


RCU Board Member

RCU Executive Leadership Team

Our senior leadership team takes pride in overseeing the continued success of RCU Credit Union

Linda Moroz

Chief Executive Officer

Violetta Jonusonis

Chief Financial Officer

Violetta Ramanauskas

Credit Manager