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Find out more about the RCU Student Line of Credit (LOC)

The RCU Student LOC is different from the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP). This loan is available to RCU members who meet RCU Student LOC criteria and require the funds to pay for a post-secondary education.

• RCU LOC offers a flexible credit limit to meet your borrowing needs.

• Take advantage of the low interest rate - RCU prime minus 0.7% (variable rate LOC).

• Borrow up to $60,000 throughout the program as a full-time or part-time student.

• Pay interest only, once each year, on the amounts you actually use while you are in school.

• Enjoy a little extra breathing room with a 12 month grace period after graduation (6 months if you leave program without graduating).


• Membership at RCU Credit Union.

• Letter confirming enrollment at post secondary institution.

• Receipt of tuition.

• Proof of Canadian citizenship/landed immigrant status.

• An acceptable guarantor or co-signor.

Repayment options: 

• Flexible repayment options tailored to student’s budget and timeline.

• 1 year after graduation (or 6 months without graduating) the LOC can remain a LOC or be converted to a personal loan.

• Spread out your LOC repayments (up to 15 years) making your monthly payments easier to manage.

• Pay off all or part of the loan at any time without penalty.


Special treatment for students at RCU


At RCU we understand that tuition costs, accommodation, books and materials can really add up.

This is why we have developed specific financial services for students:

FREE easy accessibility to your funds:


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