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Buying a car?

Is car ownership your goal? New or used RCU can help you finance this purchase.


Buying a Car

Buying a car is a major financial and personal decision. The car that will best suit your needs will depend on whether you are single or a family of five. Will you be commuting to work or driving for fun and adventure? RCU can help you figure out how much you can afford.   


New or Used 

Perhaps you would like to buy a car. Whether buying new or used, from a dealer or an individual, be cautious and do your homework. Shop around, take your time and if you are buying a used vehicle, don’t forget to have a licensed mechanic give it a final inspection. 


Lease or Finance

Your next decision is whether to lease or finance. The advantage of leasing is that you will be driving a new car while making relatively low monthly payments. The advantage of financing means you have the pleasure of knowing that it will eventually belong to you. Whichever method you choose, think about all costs involved in driving and maintaining your vehicle. 


We can help you with your purchase

We offer flexible and convenient solutions


Whether it's a personal loan or a line of credit we are sure we can help you find the perfect financing.


Borrowing has never been easier with our competitive competitive rates.


Our loan calculator will crunch the numbers to help you estimate your payments and how quickly you can be debt free.  


Meet with one of our Lending Specialists. They'll be happy to guide you through every step of the borrowing process.