​We go beyond your everyday banking needs.

Additional Services

​Safety deposit boxes

A Safety Deposit Box for your valuable items and important paperwork buys you piece of mind.

We offer 3 sizes:

•    Small Box 1.5” x 5”   

•    Medium Box 2.5” x 5”   

•    Large Box 5” x 5”

​Wire transfers

RCU can help you send or receive money from almost anywhere.

Receive money with ease


Drafts are available in most major currencies (e.g. Canadian, US, Euros, British Pounds). They can be purchased at RCU's Main Branch, service fees apply.

​Foreign Exchange

We can order most foreign currencies for our members at competitive rates. Contact Main Branch 1-877-575-7285 or 416-532-3400 in advance to order yours.

​CRA direct deposit enrolment online 

You can now sign up for direct deposit or change your account information through your RCU Online Banking. It's as easy as 1,2,3.

1.  Log in to your account.  
2.  Click on Account Services.  
3.  Click on Set up CRA Direct Deposit and follow the instructions on the screen.

Once you provide consent online, your CRA direct deposit information will be updated the following day.