RCU Debit Card

The RCU Debit Card allows you to access your account at any ATM which displays the Interac®, Exchange®, Cirrus®, or ACCULINK® symbols 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It also enables you to pay electronically at stores, restaurants, and any other vendor that displays the Interac® Direct Payment Service Logo.
By using an Exchange Network® ATM you will not be charged additional service fees from either institution. To ensure you don't pay needless fees for accessing another financial institution's ATM, download THE EXCHANGE® ATM locator app. The apps are FREE and available for the iPhone, Android and BlackBerry smart phones. Just visit iTunes, Blackberry App World or Android Market from your smart phone, and search for THE EXCHANGE ATM locator.

RCU Debit Card and the Exchange Network® ATM

•    Withdraw cash (maximum of $500 per day)
•    Deposit cash and cheques to your accounts at an Exchange Network® ATM
•    Check your account balances
•    Transfer cash between your accounts
•    Balance inquiries
•    PIN changes

THE EXCHANGE® Network helps you find the nearest Exchange ATM anytime you need it. This no fee service allows you to withdraw your money out of 3,200 partnering ATMs across Canada without additional surcharges.
Visit www.theexchangenetwork.ca to locate an ATM near you! You can also make withdrawals from ACCEL® ABMs in the United States.
Something else to remember when using you RCU Debit Card for a Point-of-Sale (POS) transaction at a store; ask the merchant if they offer “cash back”. Taking advantage of this can save you a trip to the ATM and can save you ATM charges.

Changing your PIN

THE EXCHANGE® Network ATMs allow you to change your Debit Card PIN at the ATM machine; visit www.theexchangenetwork.ca and click on FIND AN ATM, to locate an ATM with the ability to change your PIN, simply look for the following wording:  "Offers PIN Changes."

Lost or stolen RCU Debit Card?

Call 1-877-525-7285 during our regular business hours, after hours call 1-888-277-1043.

Buyer Protection and Extended Warranty

RCU is pleased to make available Buyer Protection and Extended Warranty coverage provided by CUMIS General Insurance Company for your covered account.
Buyer Protection and Extended Warranty are in effect for any purchases that you make worldwide which have been paid for in part or in full using your covered account.


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